A person that dumps you, steals your car, and runs away to Florida (or anywhere else).


A phrase used to make teenage girls giggle.
Girl 1: Hey, what did you do over spring break?

Girl 2: Well, my boyfriend dumped me, stole my car, and ran away to Florida.

Girl 1: Geez. What a douche nozzle.


Boy: Douche nozzle.

Girl: -giggles uncontrolably-
by NotADoucheNozzle March 29, 2010
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A person who is totally out of touch with his surroundings, an idiot, fool, asshole, etc...
"That guy who sold me that broken palm pilot is a fucking Douchenozzle"
by Hanky November 12, 2002
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The piece that connects to the douche bag and is the "business" end of the entire "douche" system.
After getting pounded by a big sweaty black man I inserted the douche nozzle into my swollen opening.
by Rob April 21, 2003
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An ADJ used to describe one of your many dumbass friends, replacement for the more popular "douche-bag"
Dumbass friend: fish?
You: Shut up, douche-nozzle
by joe bob....tony? October 16, 2008
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tobias wright-like people, usually the biggest douchebag at a lunch table. This person is usually so much of a douche that he/she transcends douche-like name calling, to the point where the term "Douchenozzle" is all that suffices.
Toby, quit being a douche nozzle and eat your lunch
by tyler grimes March 09, 2006
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Someone who acts very snotty, either online or offline, and has no idea they're acting in a socially reprehensible manner.
Did you see her post on FB last night?
Yeah, she's such a douchenozzle.
by Jimmy from the Ville November 08, 2010
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An extension of the word "douche bag" that adds more meaning and severity to its meaning. Can also mean "jackass." Most used by Ray when he gets pissed at his football team.
"You Douchnozzle!"
"If I say the play is on 'Douchenozzle,' WE ARE GOING ON 'DOUCHENOZZLE' YOU DOUCHENOZZLES!
by Jack squared September 25, 2017
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