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Pretty much the coolest, most popular kid at a particular place. Biebs is someone who likes to party and lifeguard.
Dude who loves A.Mapp, BIEBS DOES
by BIIIIIEEBBBSSSS July 10, 2010
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A type of person, usually a teen (but not always), who resembles the pop sensation Justin Bieber.
"Hey, look, is that Justin Bieber!?"

"No, it's just a Biebs."
by dfnywrar July 14, 2012
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verb. the reaction of a teenage girl while in the presence of Justin Bieber.
OMG, did you see him? I totally biebed!
by Mrs. Justin Belieber February 18, 2011
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A unit of measurement named after Justin Bieber. Similar to how we measure temperature in degrees, or brightness in lumens, we measure song quality in Biebs. A song with more biebs tends to be rejected by the human body.

100 Biebs is equal to Justin Bieber's "Baby", and 0 biebs is equal to your average Beatle's song. Of course, there are negative Biebs (for good bands), and the scale goes past 100 for songs worse than Baby.

When the average person hears a song with more than 10 Biebs, the Bieb receptor begins to reject it. A song with more than 100 Biebs (like Nickelback) will completely overwhelm the Bieb receptor.

Teenage girls and Canadians like their music with many biebs because their Bieb receptors haven't developed yet.
The mating calls of penguins are at 10000000 Biebs.

That new band has -320 Biebs! Someone should get them signed, and not some One Direction garbage! My Bieb receptors hurt!

Bieb receptors, believe it or not, are also functional in deaf people! They are a separate part of the body from your ears. We (who can hear) just link them with the sound of music. Play a JB song around a deaf person and he/she will feel pain and not know what caused it.
by Urine Corporation January 25, 2014
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(verb) to be given the false impression from an acquaintance that he/she is excited to spend time with you, but in reality only comes over and smokes all your weed.
Logan said he wanted to come watch our band practice, but he totally biebed us
by Roxii Diva July 28, 2010
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Just sayin' = justinbiebersayin' = biebs

A common phrase in Americockney. A statement of fact.
Derived from the ubiquitous and incessant presence of Justin Bieber, a constant annoyance in modern American culture. Provides a vent for buildup of hatred, in addition to being a delightful self-referential meta-pun.
As a statement of fact: "I can't believe you said that!! Biebs."
To cushion the blow: "You are such a dick. Biebs."

Basically it can go anywhere you'd say, "I'm just sayin'"

(This is similar to cockney rhyming slang where

trouble = barney rubble = barney)
by On a Boat January 10, 2011
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(noun) being a loser, noob, dork, or annoying little fuck.

reference to: justin bieber, an annoying little fuck.
"You're soooo annoying. you're such a biebs."

"I can't believe you did that, you biebs!"
by JONASFANS March 24, 2010
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