A monster is something you ask your parents to check under the bed for (if you are a kid).

A monster is also an energy drink that teenagers and some adults drink to get energy. Monster energy drink has 140mg to 160mg+ of caffeine and B Vitamins.
Timmy (kid): Mom! Dad! Could you check under the bed and in the closets for monsters?
Mom and Dad: Sure!

Dad: *Checks closet.

No monster here!
Mom: *checks other closet.
No monster here.

Timmy: What about under the bed?

Mom: What’s this? Monster?

Timmy: What? Monster?!

Tony (older brother): I was looking for that!

*Chugs Monster energy drink.
Dad: I guess you could say Tony "chugged the monster!"!

*Everyone laughs except for Timmy.
Timmy: Errrr! Dad!
by HawaiianPunch1 September 2, 2023
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A very kind hearted and forgiving Person and not ulgy very cute infact
by Blink496 April 7, 2021
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A scary caffeinated drink that Mormon children are told to check their closets for before they go to bed.
Jimmy, if you're hiding Monster in there, you won't be allowed to participate in family game night for a week!
by myster twister November 29, 2009
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\'män-stər\ n 1 : an abnormally developed plant or animal. 2 : an animal of strange or terrifying shape; also : one unusually large of its kind. 3 : an extremely ugly, wicked, or cruel person.
To usually mean make-believe and often magical creatures of unknown or known origin, like Slenderman or Bigfoot. When used to describe a person, however, it's much more demeaning. You're basically denying that person of having any resemblance of a human being - morals, emotions etc. It's not a nice thing. Some people are cold, but not all to their very core like some seem.

My own grandmother called me a monster. She was probably right, but it still hurt...
by Magic kitty April 10, 2022
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The best damn energy drink ever made! Comes in Regular, Lo-Carb, Assualt, and KHAOS
" Dude what you drinkin?"
"A Monster"
" They frickin rock lemme have some"
"get youre own fag"
by White guy with fro December 18, 2005
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