A scary caffeinated drink that Mormon children are told to check their closets for before they go to bed.
Jimmy, if you're hiding Monster in there, you won't be allowed to participate in family game night for a week!
by myster twister November 29, 2009
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Nuclear horse piss that is sold as a disgusting energy drink.

Describing anything that is large.

The creature that lives in your closet and under your bed.

A sadistic pedophile who molests and rapes children he abducts.
I tried a monster energy drink the other day, it was the grossest shit i have ever tasted. I poured the rest of it into my neighbor's dogs water dish, the dog caught fire.

Whoa, that fish is a monster.

"Mommy, I need you to look in my closet and check under my bed for monsters."
"For fuck sake Tommy, you're 35 years old. why do you still believe in monsters?"
"Remember when I was kidnapped and raped by that monster in his van. And I still didn't get any free candy."
by A WHITE GUY August 28, 2014
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The best damn energy drink ever made! Comes in Regular, Lo-Carb, Assualt, and KHAOS
" Dude what you drinkin?"
"A Monster"
" They frickin rock lemme have some"
"get youre own fag"
by White guy with fro December 18, 2005
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A name Lady Gaga calls her fans.
Lady Gaga: "I want to thank all of my little monsters for their support"
by Ricky009 November 10, 2009
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A manga and anime written by Naoki Urasawa.

Its about the story of a young (later a bit old) doctor in his quest to find and kill the "monster" that he once saved whilst proving his innocence to the series of events that happened within the story. Ironically he is torn between the responsibility of fixing his mistake and as a doctor, saving precious lives.

The series is intricately plotted and weaved together to deliver a solid story and remarkable characters. And unlike normal anime that is set in a fictional world, Monster is set on real life places in the world and tackles several historical plots and events and incorporated it in the story.
" I've watched Monster and it feels like I'm watching a quality Hollywood movie!"
by BALDOaztig November 7, 2009
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An energy drink boys from middle school on will be addcited to.
girls are to starbucks as boys are to monster
by tikxtok June 4, 2010
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