Donovan's are not the most powerful commanders of the east. Modern day Donovans are fat, mental diseased, pussies. Donovan's were named by a pair of pussy parents that thought their kid would be great. Donovans are far from any type of leader, they are pussy momma's boys. Donovans have no sense of style and are very odd looking.
Guy: Yo that kid got the biggest weggie!!!

Guy 2: I know- Donovan is such a dork! Look at Donovan crying!!!!!!
by November 29, 2011
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A caring male that values his friends and loved ones more than he values himself, he is very reserved until you get to know him. Once you get to know him though he will become one of your best friends, and will never want to let you go.
Person 1: Donovans are really quiet.
Person 2: Are you insane he wont shut up!
by TheWorldisSmall October 01, 2011
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An incredible handsome guy with a huge penis. Majority of girls want to hook up with one, and he is really fun to be around. Also he's a beast at sports.
Girl 1: Hey do u know Donovan?
Girl 2: Of course, he's the hottest guy ever!!!
Girl 1: Ikr!
by SomeRandomGuy89 July 13, 2011
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A lesbian sandwich that will never reach the pinnacle of the everlasting sun.
If you don't stop being such a Donovan, you'll never reach the pinnacle of the everlasting sun!
by Draxia April 26, 2017
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A man of unusual and unfortunate facial features but with an extremely drop dead gorgeous body.

Stems from professional hockey player Shean Donovan
Man that guy is such a Donovan!
by Jose@vivelamexico October 16, 2009
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An extremely tall, attractive male. He is the one to talk to when you are down. A Donovan can be helpful, even though he might not know what he is saying. He loves with all his heart, and hates it when people get out of control. Donovan's are gentil and will only hold a girl that they truly love. Donovan's are most seen with blue eyes and always knows that they are beautifully, even though they might consider other wise. If you have a Donovan in our life, cherish them with all your heart. There are not that many in his world.
That Donovan will never leave you hanging
by Mrs.Baltierra November 12, 2018
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The genius of the whole class. He may look hard on the outside, but kind once you get to know him. He's smart, kind, sweet, and trustworthy. You can rely on him to help you with anything. He'll tell you anything even if he's not suppose to; that is if he trusts you. If he has your trust and finds you worthy, consider it a great honor. However, if you mess with him or get on his bad side, you'll be dead to him after that. So if anything, get to know him better and try to be on his good side at all times.
I wish I could date Donovan.
Is that Donovan over there? He's really kind.
by Anime101 May 04, 2018
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