Known by mortals as "Earth", eart is the planet in which us trapped immortals are chained.
Female Mortal 1: "Awwwww, look how cute my baby is.!
Female Mortal 2: "Isn't he adorable?"
Male Immortal Baby: "This mortal form limits me. The eart has doomed me to a limited lifespan."
by Just a guy takin' a walk November 28, 2017
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E (ee) + art
Eart - e/urt
1: To be so emotionally related to something, with such a deep understanding of the situation(s), one can not even understand how it is so 'feel-able.'

2: 'Same.' 'Mood.'

Not to be confused with 'E-Art.'
Person 1: 'I'm dead inside.'
Person 2: 'Eart.'
by February 19, 2019
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Eating and farting simultaenously
John was earting during breakfast tbis morning
by BigDbear November 29, 2017
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"Eart my fart," is a pickup line to show how funny you are to your significant other. In many cases, it causes the person to fall in love with you right away. (read our reviews below)
"eart my fart stabilized my marriage"
"eart my fart instantly made me the best looking person ever"
"i used to have herpes and AIDS but thanks to eart my fart I also have HIV."
"i met my roblox girlfriend using eart my fart"
"eart my fart has been a blessing bestowed upon our family."
eart my fart mary!
*mary proceeds to ask u out cause the pickup line was just that good
by _hAs LeFT ThE cHaT February 19, 2019
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