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Known by mortals as "Earth", eart is the planet in which us trapped immortals are chained.
Female Mortal 1: "Awwwww, look how cute my baby is.!
Female Mortal 2: "Isn't he adorable?"
Male Immortal Baby: "This mortal form limits me. The eart has doomed me to a limited lifespan."
by Just a guy takin' a walk November 28, 2017
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E (ee) + art
Eart - e/urt
1: To be so emotionally related to something, with such a deep understanding of the situation(s), one can not even understand how it is so 'feel-able.'

2: 'Same.' 'Mood.'

Not to be confused with 'E-Art.'
Person 1: 'I'm dead inside.'
Person 2: 'Eart.'
by February 18, 2019
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