1. An utterance emitted by University of Florida student Andrew Meyer on the evening of September 17, 2007 in efforts to ward off the vicious bite of a police taser after he was detained for getting uppity at a forum with U.S. Senator John Kerry.

2. A phrase used (with ironic reference to the above incident) to express feigned dissatisfaction with another's recent or impending actions or speech.
"The Meyer incident is in no way an issue of freedom of expression."
"Are you kidding? Don't tase me, bro!"
by Jesse Arost September 21, 2007
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A phrase used to gently chastise someone for attacking you verbally.
Dude 1: I told you I didn't like pepperoni on my pizza, dickhead.
Dude 2: Damn, don't tase me, bro. I forgot.
by Jeema November 2, 2007
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From the iconic video of the student question-asker being TASERed, the phrase has come to be synonomous to "lay off, man." It is a minor exclamation of unreasonableness.
"I'm pissed that you missed that goal today."
"Don't tase me, bro."
by Cool Hand Duke November 5, 2007
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Phrase uttered by Andrew Meyer at a University of Florida event at which John Kerry was speaking. Meyer, after committing the apparent crime of asking long-winded and potentially rhetorical questions, was arrested by several officers and forced to the ground. After questioning the logic behind his arrest, and asking if he could leave, it was decided by the University police force that the only course of action was to tase him into submission.
Cop: Hey, this isn't a free-speech zone. Either shut your dirty mouth or I get to play with this electro-shock weapon the state was dumb enough to issue me"

Guy: Hey, don't tase me, bro.

Cop: That's it.

by J. Eklow September 21, 2007
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Phrase used by young white Americans to laugh about how their human rights are regularly stomped on and ignored, as they piss it all away in a drunken stupor, because for now they're safe from the shit that everyone else in the world has to go through.... for now....
"Hey man, did you see that guy say 'don't tase me, bro'?? Man, that was almost as funny as when they killed Martin Luther King, killed those people in Waco and killed those college kids in Ohio! Let's drink some beer, eat some red meat and laugh at everyone who isn't fat, white, rich or American!"
by osibisa November 1, 2007
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to whine like a little girl after receiving a punishment or retribution that one deserves
After Andrew's boneheaded diatribe against imaginary evil, his cries of, "Don't tase me, bro!" brought cheers to the crowd as the security guards escorted him out.
by Dr. Jeffery O'Dwyer September 24, 2007
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A phrase popular with white college students due to its usefulness in dealing with the police. Famously uttered by Andrew Meyer in a dozen YouTube clips. Note that this phrase should ONLY be used if you believe that an officer of the law is your "bro" (hence its unpopularity with the non-white/non-rich)
Don't tase me, bro! Ow!!! Owwwwwwwwww!
by Touchable Garments September 24, 2007
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