One who misleads voters by delivering promises that are next to impossible to keep because Americans are too stupid to realize how these promises really "work" SEE: Watch the debates and read the papers for both sides of the story dumbass AND: There are two sides stop believing the one that SOUNDS the best withought knowing info.
Statement or Promise: Healthcare for everyone, the same as the Senators get.

Reality: Despite everyone thought, depending on the income of the Senator or person in question, The GOVERNMENT will choose a program best SUITED to your income. Sure, it will be Blue Cross, but nothing was said about transplants or hospitalization being covered...sorry, you must not make enough.

Statement: Minimum wage higher for everyone especially women

Reality: Taxes will be raised, although I hate the upperclass, there is not nearly enough of them to tax to cover my promise on this one, therefor, sorry middle and lower class, more taxes for you too.

Statement: I will bring our boys home

Reality: As soon as i take credit for what is going on overseas, and I make the other promises I made come true, Then I will bring home half.
by John Edwards, Kerry's Lover October 21, 2004
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