(verb) to tactfully secrete semen on one's partner's thorax
Hey baby, when are you gonna let me chastise you?
OMG!! Kees, did you really just chastise me?
by loxies December 7, 2020
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To cause a mate to be without orgasms, or restricted in arousal. To keep restricted within a chastity device: for women, to prevent penetration; for men, to prevent erection and fondling. See cbt. See also tease.
Marriage for this unusual couple marked the beginning of his frustration: she chastised him for weeks at a time, while consorting and cavorting herself with his best friends and neighbors.
by Slick Willy March 17, 2005
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(v) - After Milking the Nun, this is the process of dumping the "nun milk" over the head of an unsuspecting victim.
Steve's asleep.... let's Chastise the Nun!
by Dementist August 5, 2005
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masturbating; pulling your penis until semen comes out; choking the chicken; flogging the dolphin; shucking the corn; cleaning the pipes; feeding the geese; beating the meat; spanking the salami; pulling the pork; bating, etc
He's always chastising the cheese when he takes a shower.
by bater August 25, 2003
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Reprimanded. Lambasted. Castigated. All vaguely synonymous. You get the picture.
Hym "And further more, I'm over here getting chastised for letting him play videogames past 10 pm! He's fucking his staff! He's fucking the direct service professionals hired to feed him pills and STAYING UP TOO LATE is where you draw the line. That place is a joke! The woman who work there are a joke. Everyone on the planet should know who they are and what they did."

Iam "Would you just let it go?"

Hym "I'll let's it go as soon as I get what mine. Or as soon as I'm tired of living. Whichever happens first."
by Hym Iam May 18, 2022
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