A dolezal is basically a white man with an unusually large penis. The penis tends to be from 100 feet to 200 feet.
Wow. Look at him. He is definately a dolezal. His pants look so very tight.
by dolezal March 23, 2003
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verb - to change one's race without having to live through the actual experience by changing one's outer appearance.
Verbified after Rachel Dolezal, a white woman, insisted she is black. She used to be Caucasian but dolezaled to black overnight.
by Avery Bailey Clark June 24, 2015
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the small but present hairs that form on your ass. They can be of assorted colors and lengths. To show the color of the dolezals, simply put the color in between dole and zal
Man ur dolezals are as long as my pubes.

(color) Hey man, my dole-black-zals are turning into dole-white-zals
by brian March 23, 2003
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