English word for tax payers money paid out to (normally) foreign, work shy bastards who come to the UK because they were 'opressed' in their own country. More enlightened individuals understand why the scrounging fucks were 'oppressed'. It's called being a 'drain on society. Sensible countries send these scum to us as we are too 'politically Correct' to shoot the fuckers in the head/ Stop them reproducing.
All arabs that come to the UK are just dole scrounging Bastards
by STePPeNWoLFe September 10, 2006
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Dole or Unemployment insurance, is money handed out by the goverment to lazy people he can't be bothered to work, correctly named "unemployed citizens" but more often called: Bums,Tramps,scabs,lazy idiots and dole scroungers. there are also people who claim "Dole" or Unemployment insurance fraudulantly, when they are claiming they do not work and secretly do, the correct term for theese people is "Parasites". The average "Dole" amount is given monthly and is around £40. Children who's parents frequently abuse drugs are often encouraged to "sign on" as soon as they turn the legal age and froced out of there money by thier parents to feed thier habit and this leads to the fraudulant claiming of this countries money and the tax payers money.
My Mum rite,yer shes got like 5 part-time jobs and she is like yer still on the dole. an my brother yer ees only like 7 and hes beeen dun 4 jrink drivin like 8 times. fock u ya fockin cont o no here comes the fockin ol' bill ya fockin cont
by mofucka February 24, 2005
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if something is pure dole this means it is very poor, or very shabby etc.
oh my god, those trainers are pure dole
by charlie lad December 04, 2003
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Another slang for saying something is good,cool,awesome etc.
P1:Hey did you see that new movie yet?
P2:Yea that was hella dole.
by Connorrrrrr November 09, 2007
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