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In England, someone who is receiving state welfare, often for long periods of time, even when they could work.
"What's he doing now then?"
"Oh, he's on the dole, while his girlfriend works in social services"
"Sad bastard!"
by tvod June 23, 2014

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Anyone who brings a lot of never ending trouble into your life
You should dump your junkie girl (or boy) friend, they're bad news. Or don't even let him in the house, he's bad news.
by tvod November 14, 2014

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To vomit, especially over the side of a boat, where the vomit would then be eaten by fish.
I was seasick on the ferry and had to feed the fish
by tvod November 14, 2014

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This phrase is not a way of indicating that the listener has the wrong currency for use in payment. It can be used in at least two ways. First, with a negative intent, as a way of refusing service, preemptively, to a person who wishes to buy something. This usage is intended to get rid of or threaten the listener. Conversely, the second usage is a bit of Mafia bravado as a way of paying the bill at a restaurant, or some other establishment as a way of impressing the listener or putting the listener in the speaker's debt. In this case, the exchange is stereotypically gendered where the speaker is male and the listener is female.
Dawn, I'm talkin' t'you. Your money's no good here!
by tvod December 27, 2016

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A rural description of a persons behavior while being uncontrollably drawn to someone or something that will destroy or kill them. The origin of the term comes from the behavior of raccoons that have been poisoned with a poison which induces uncontrollable thirst. This leads the raccoon to run to a water source and drink until they die.
Joe is like a 'coon to water over that stripper.
by tvod March 27, 2015

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Art rock noise band started in the 80's which while never successful was cited as influential by such bands as Sonic youth and dinosaur jr.
Hey let's go out to spaceland, I hear the supreme dicks are playing.

Can we get on the guest list?
Not tonight man unless we get there early.

Forget it
by tvod February 07, 2015

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A phrase to get the listeners attention in a serious or funny way. The implication being that the speaker is important and that the content is serious and direct.
Dawn. I'm talkin' t' you. Your money's no good here!
by tvod December 27, 2016

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