(UK slang)
someone who refuses to work and claims social security benefits.
often found doing to double.
dole-ites dont get up till lunch time
by casey kocknobber June 11, 2003
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Australian: Someone who receives unemployment benefits (the dole) from the government but are too lazy to look for work.
Harry had to do work for the dole because Centrelink thought he was a dole bludger.
by Andrew May 13, 2004
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a person who like to refer to himself in the third person, ran for president or sometin, was on the simpsons, snl, pepsi commerical, is pretty funny for an 82 year lod man
Where the hell are bob Doles pants-Bob Dole

bob dole needs to go to bob doles home and spend some quality time with bob doles wife-bob dole

Your Bob doles bitch-bob dole
by Vinnie Da Homeskillet January 14, 2005
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The ultimate breed of the dole dosser species. They are known for showing off the most with their dole money that that tax payers pay for. They're also the most useless sacks of shit that you will find in the deepest and darkest depths of the universe.
Dole Warrior: "The government aren't giving us enough money, I can't buy me expensive clothes from Brown Thomas"
by UpTheRa69 December 12, 2020
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Take a pineapple chop the top off then hollow it out on both ends. ( a larger sized one preferred). Two men insert their dicks into opposite ends and proceed to fuck it while looking into each other eyes. Once they ejaculated into the pinappele. They then grab two spoons and enjoy the dessert they've made.
My friend and i ate already, we had a dole whip warm and sweet dessert.
by Blueberry cobbler May 14, 2019
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An old, Republican who ran against Bill Clinton in '96. Is ALMOST equivalent to Chuck Norris in awesomeness. With his sly third-person conversations and his inability to move his right arm, he will take all by surprise and destroy the competetion, except for Clinton.
Halo 3 match

Red: "Alright I'm gonna snipe this guy." *Aims rifle*

Blue: "Now where could Red be... UGH!"

*Blue disappears from Red's scope.*

Red: "Now what the hell...AGH!"

Blue (to Red) : "What the hell was that?"

Bob Dole : BOB DOLE!
by The_Bob_Dole_ July 04, 2010
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(UK slang)a lazy fecker that refuses to work but claims state handouts instead.
by casey kocknobber June 11, 2003
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