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Meaning 'Dirty'

It sounds stupid. Sean Paul says it
Sean Paul: "Dutty Yea, Dutty Yo, Dutty Yea"
by KeeWee January 12, 2005
1. The way that small-minded idiots laugh. Always in writing, never in conversation.

2. A small edible grub, native to New Zealand. It's been said to taste like chicken, peanut butter, or pork crackling, depending on the person.
1. Cheb: "Lick Meh... huhuhuhu"
Me: "Eeeeewwwww... huhuhuhu"

2. "I was splitting logs and one was full of huhu grubs"
by KeeWee January 12, 2005
The bomb diggity... Home of L&P, V, the Buzzy Bee, Footrot Flats, Jandals, Pavlova, Tip Top ice cream, Fish and Chips, Maketu Pies, Swandris, Paua Shell jewellery, the Silver Fern, beautiful scenery, gazillions of Sheep, Peter Jackson, LOTR, and all the best sportspeople and musicians.

Because of this, a lot of jealous Aussie bastards have claimed 'ownership' of true-blue Kiwi icons, such as Uncle Pete and the Pav.
Aussie: "NZ sucks"
NZer: "What would you know, you kangaroo-fucking outback drongo"
by KeeWee January 11, 2005
1: A place where a small group of elite people go, and scheme some diabolical schemes.

2: A spell that opens the entrance to a secret passage to Hogsmeade in Harry Potter.
"I love Dissendium. It's my second home"
by KeeWee January 12, 2005
A place where Albert's age is a mystery.
Most people would say Albert is between the ages of 25 and 35, but we may never know for sure.
by KeeWee January 15, 2005
Two meanings, which completely contradict each other. Can be quite confusing for people who live in opposite hemispheres.

1. Something that is cool, hot or awesome.
2. Something that is stupid, dumb or emabarassing.
1. "Check out that guy's rude car! Yeahhhh!"

2a: "Dude, that t-shirt of yours is so rude!"

2b: "Shame bro, you had to be dropped off at school in your Dad's rude car!"
by KeeWee January 12, 2005
A Kiwi soft drink. Stands for "Lemon and Paeroa" - Paeora being a small Waikato town where the drink was concieved many moons ago, from pure spring water and Lemon flavouring.

While not made that way anymore, it still tastes awesome.
Dion: "You like that? I think it smell like Lemongrass"
Me: "Shut up Dion"
by KeeWee January 11, 2005