an Australian English term meaning "receiving some form of government handouts/welfare assistance".
if your are on the dole, you are most likely abusing the Western state.
by Sexydimma June 13, 2015
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The act of a pissedoff mother taking ownership of her sons funds and giving it to him in small amounts. Mothers use this phrase when their son has been spending their money on fast women and cheap booze for 5 years.
I'm gonna take his bank card and I'll be "doling" out the money!
by Mattss November 20, 2013
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Referring to something really bad or boring
Lads this here car journey thats gonna take 12 hours is fuckin dole
by Blingbling boy July 24, 2019
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stc slang for rolls or ecstasy
yo im pickin up a half j of doles and ravin it sick this weekend
by like what up March 12, 2009
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Using pineapple rings as an Elizabethan collar to accessorize one's junk, meant to be eaten. Can be enhanced with whip cream or cool whip.
Timofy was feeling frisky, so he put on a dole whip.
by bobby.california March 31, 2019
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“Initially a commercial for the Danon brands ‘Dole Dipper’ product, it has since been modified to represent those who have gone completely off the rails or absolutely bonkers do to the overuse of a THC pen apparatus.”
Man Michael such a dole dabber he can’t even speak English
by Barnman April 04, 2019
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