Annoying or objectionable due to being a showoff by attracting unnecessary attention to oneself
Yo man, that girl Piper, is obnoxious.”
by #truth😁🙏 January 9, 2019
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(adj) means annoying in a particularly vulgar and cheeky way. To be rude, insulting, and offensive. It is often used to refer to something intentionally oversized or intentionally offensively loud. Bragging is considered obnoxious, as is intentionally disregarding a rule. Showing off your disregard for a rule or order. Being blatantly disrespectful of social norms and those who would enforce them.
I tried to tell nim to turn down his music so i could sleep and that obnoxious asshole stared me in the face while he turned it up, i almost killed him.
by fancysoup June 3, 2009
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People who are overly loud, sometimes offensive, & almost always irritating; will give you the compulsion to tear your own ears off to shove them down their throat.
Johnny was being so obnoxious, his own mother pretended not to know him.
by CheriBlack June 3, 2015
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Anthony is so Obnoxious! He never shuts up, I can't get any work done!
by KittyKatGirl April 16, 2010
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insulting vulgar and rude, someone who adds insult to injury by blatantly disregarding social rules or customs.

vulgar, oversized or offensively loud

cheeky, one who parades their non compliance and brags about disrespecting those in charge
that obnoxious lady went on about how much she loves her hair in front of all those bald cancer kids

he drives an obnoxious car the size of my house

i just told him to stop going in my room and i walk in five seconds later and he's in there reading my friggin diary

he's sitting on a box that says fragile and its clearly gettting crushed under his weight, but he doesn't give a shit
by fancysoup June 3, 2009
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To be in your face all the time and overly loud and maybe sometimes over dramatic.
by ohperfectone April 21, 2010
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Extremely arrogant and big headed

Sebbeth or Sebster often refers to himself as a God.

Do you not know who he is!?
Seb- " Do you know who i am?"
Ally - Your so obnoxious

look over there that guys head just exploded - Oh its just Seb
by pooods September 12, 2014
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