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means that the subject of conversation is a total idiot and should be less dobbish lest they die of dobness. it can be used as an adjective, noun, pronoun, connector, adverb.
“shall i compare thee to a summer’s day?”
“no! a summer’s day is not a dob!”
by cheesychocochonk July 20, 2022
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To wander aimlessly or fill time by wandering, someone who dobs is a dobber
“Hey we aren’t done setting up, go dob for a few minutes”

“Where did you go, you were gone the whole class period!” “Oh I was just dobbing
by Avodobber August 18, 2021
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When you’re popping a pimple and it squirts onto the mirror
Casey was dobbing the mirror when she was popping her pimples
by Meomrialieos April 11, 2019
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