I will never forgive you for dobbing on me.
by Yibble August 31, 2009
A mixture of dabbing and sobbing.

When you're in tears because you're life sucks so you dab the pain away.
I failed to get the grades to get into college, when I found out I was dobbing all evening.
by imagination.robber January 10, 2017
Australian; v, To tell on, or turn in someone.

To report a person to the authorities.
by herbie August 17, 2004
Term of endearment for Roger Dobkowitz, executive producer of "The Price is Right." Created by members of a TPiR fansite, Mr. Dobkowitz is undoubtedly aware of his nickname, having spelled out "T.H.E.D.O.B." with the first letters of the six pricing games played on a Friday.
"Can't stop The Dob!"
by BuddyTom August 8, 2006
To turn someone in. To tell on someone
by bigrattus June 6, 2003
To poke a long, tough object between two buttcheeks in an attempt to make the victim feel uncomfortable. Often performed on males, by males.
Oluranti dobbed me with a metre stick yesterday! I'm considering reporting her for sexual harassment.
by Quaye69 November 18, 2013
quite posibbly the most brutal Psychedelic drug ever after dmt normaly found in tabs or as powder. effects are said to be like knecking a whole bottle of acid and an 8th of meth and can last for days with a avrage dose of about 5mg
dob is insanity personified!!!
by zupayz March 30, 2008