To turn someone in. To tell on someone
by bigrattus June 6, 2003
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quite posibbly the most brutal Psychedelic drug ever after dmt normaly found in tabs or as powder. effects are said to be like knecking a whole bottle of acid and an 8th of meth and can last for days with a avrage dose of about 5mg
dob is insanity personified!!!
by zupayz March 30, 2008
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To poke a long, tough object between two buttcheeks in an attempt to make the victim feel uncomfortable. Often performed on males, by males.
Oluranti dobbed me with a metre stick yesterday! I'm considering reporting her for sexual harassment.
by Quaye69 November 18, 2013
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something my mum used to say in town when i was little.
Might be a Coventry saying, as this is where shes from.

Means to have a quick look, brief visit.

"We'll just have a dob on the market"

"just have a dob in Marks n Spencer"
by Carly_libertine September 8, 2008
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A person who is naive. Lacking understanding of any given object or situation.
This guy is such a dob. I had to tell him football has quarters and baseball has innings.

You dob!! That's not how you finger paint.
by topzzz August 2, 2007
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