Another name for a supporter of Glasgow Rangers football team. Also known as the huns. Short for Dirty Orange Bastard
What was the score with the Dobs?
by Tam the Bam October 19, 2004
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"Dob" (noun) = Weed
"to dob" or "to dob up" = to smoke weed
"a dobby" = a joint.

-inspired by Dobby the house-elf from Harry Potter. The pillow case he wears resembles the paper of a sloppily rolled joint.
Hey man, give your dude a call....we're all out of dob.

We'll need to pause the movie to go outside to dob up.

I just passed my finals, time to roll a fat dobby!
by Fat Dobby December 11, 2016
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A common abbreviation for Q'Doba, a popular chain Mexican eatery which serves favorites such as chicken ques, steak burrit, and fajitas
I'm so down for 'dobs...
by jfrieds March 13, 2005
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A female that doesn't get it.
"Forget her she is nothing more than a DOB"
by CableBob September 6, 2008
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When someone ask someone when is his/her DOB,it means when is his/her 'date of birth'.
John always like to ask his/her 'date of birth' as DOB because it make everyone puzzle.
by Sam Koh June 23, 2004
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The art of wiping one's pre-seminal fluid (or pre-cum) onto a dates clothing or person without her noticing.

Very often a succesful nights dobbing will leave the young lady in question wondering why she smells of wank.

Me and my mates went out dobbing last night, and I got an extra 50 points for making a smiley face!
by Artha September 14, 2007
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