When someone makes one of those 'statements' that are totally pointless or irrelevant to the discussed situation or something that wasn't funny, this can also be examples that make no sense what so ever. Typical reactions to this could be "what?" "eh?" "what the.." and a "lol" at the end. This person is then a 'Dingle'
1 "yo you talk so much shit man." 2 "nah i dont talk as much shit as my man" 3 "what u talking about i dont talk shit?" 1 "you talk more shit than the word." .. 2,3 "eh? Yo stop being a dingle man"
by shadeybass July 01, 2010
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1. Any pubic hair from the top of your ass crack to the chota.
2. When ones balls hang unubstructed and free to slap on your legs they are in full dingle.
I let my balls dingle over Tylers face for a minute before I t-bagged him square on the lips.
by Jimboozie October 15, 2003
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The small pieces of shit that are normally mixed with fluff from the underwear. These can easily be picked off with a good tug and normally are good projectiles!
Guy1: did you hear about Sam Cleworth?
Guy2: No why?
Guy1:He has bare dingles around his rectum!
by Layd March 05, 2012
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to dingle, verb.

to dick around; to mess around and be silly wasting time.
Should I do homework, or just dingle around on the internet?

How was practice today?
Eh, it was just a dingle sesh.
by theDingle February 16, 2011
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A small woodland were lesbians take young boys to corrupt them.
Oh Sue you didn't take him up the dingle again you dirty tike.
by Gimpton November 19, 2003
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(Rhymes with jingle)
Another great word for gettin' some.

Can also be used when tapping your free-swinging dick lightly on her leg/waist/anywhere else, and saying "dingle-dingle-dingle."
He: Hey, baby, I believe it's time for dingles.
She: Yeah, duh! I've been horny since lunch! Let's go!
He: Dingles it is!


He (hunched over her, usually in the missionary, letting his dick touch her a couple times): "Dingle-Dingle-Dingle!"
by Al Shepard June 22, 2006
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