dingles.....more than one dingle

(see also hill-troll hill-trolls& Burnley
dingles.....a group of people from the yorkshire hamlet of Burnley
by Dr Fox May 7, 2007
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(Rhymes with jingle)
Another great word for gettin' some.

Can also be used when tapping your free-swinging dick lightly on her leg/waist/anywhere else, and saying "dingle-dingle-dingle."
He: Hey, baby, I believe it's time for dingles.
She: Yeah, duh! I've been horny since lunch! Let's go!
He: Dingles it is!


He (hunched over her, usually in the missionary, letting his dick touch her a couple times): "Dingle-Dingle-Dingle!"
by Al Shepard June 23, 2006
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Dingled, is a word simply used when a person makes a a small blunder to a catastrophic error.

The word is used around the country but heard most around the Norfolk and Suffolk area as this is where it originated from.

A name believed to have derived from a Mr Peter Dingle living in the Norwich area who was renowned for innocently causing mayhem where ever went.

To include blocking major roads, shutting down entire supermarkets, knocking out a whole city’s telecoms to simply putting a nail through his foot and this was all down to just bad luck.
So if you were to superglue your hand to your head?


If you were to leave your luggage unattended for 2 minutes and have it is removed by the bomb squad?

.....then you have 'Dingled'
by Paul Waters March 28, 2008
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Dingle is a polish greeting that dates back to the 19th century. Participants touch the tips of their index fingers together and say "Dingle!"
Dingaling for the first time is huge honor and privilege which essentially costimates the friendship of the participants, as it is believed that energy flows in and out of the finger tips.
Dingle can be a one on one activity or a group activity.

As of the 2000's Dingle is dying out but there are still those of us who are trying to keep it alive.
Jan : "I'm glad we've met Tomasz, I think it's time for us to dingle."
Tomasz : "Of course, this is extremely flattering"
Both : 👉🏻👈🏻 "Dingle!"
by Przybylski Agusia March 8, 2019
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A person of lower IQ and social status, not quite retarded but at the same time no rocket scientist
by Rich October 21, 2003
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