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Dingled, is a word simply used when a person makes a a small blunder to a catastrophic error.

The word is used around the country but heard most around the Norfolk and Suffolk area as this is where it originated from.

A name believed to have derived from a Mr Peter Dingle living in the Norwich area who was renowned for innocently causing mayhem where ever went.

To include blocking major roads, shutting down entire supermarkets, knocking out a whole city’s telecoms to simply putting a nail through his foot and this was all down to just bad luck.
So if you were to superglue your hand to your head?


If you were to leave your luggage unattended for 2 minutes and have it is removed by the bomb squad?

.....then you have 'Dingled'
by Paul Waters March 28, 2008
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you have been dingled when someone keeps a thread going for hours with juicy original content, and then TOTALLY FUCKS YOU OVER.
I was a persian from 200 A.D, but then i got dingled
by hegfegvfkdfvdkh March 05, 2011
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