a nonsense word; sometimes a filler word determinable via context
A: Oh, I got the entire no-fly by poking around unprotected servers.
A: holy fucking bingle. what?! :3
by Diridibindy January 22, 2023
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n. an overwhelming sensation of love and affection towards someoene or something, a state of uwu n being super soft towards every action the other person does

v. sending someone all your love or to show someone that you only think of them n adore them no matter what
hala said to her undying love towards ahad, "you are the cutest bingle bean I've ever met n no matter what I will always bingle you"

ahad, was in an state of uwu n bingle
by bingle bean December 17, 2018
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A car crash. Used in eastern-states Australia.
"Heard you got into a bit of a bingle the other day."
"Yes, I did. Luckily, only three of her kids died."
by Black-Velvet November 18, 2008
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The act of poking another's bumhole (over pants) with your finger, while exclaiming 'bingle'!
Lisa said "Ouch my bum hurts" after Beck bingled her.
by Rob Stageber November 12, 2006
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one single ticket issued by a police officer on night shift
Dude, was on my way home and got pulled over. Cop gave me a bingle.
by RollingRocks?? November 25, 2013
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A combination of the words "butt" and "tingle". The sensation felt when needing to defecate but either choosing or being forced to hold it.
I waited in line at the bathroom so long I started to get that bingle feeling.
by Juanita Marie June 22, 2009
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an abnormally small penis.
'wow that boy has a bingle..'
by clockmaz March 18, 2009
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