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nitty gritty.....to get down to the serious stuff. This 'stuff' could be work, fine details of a plan, or sex.
"Reet-o love, i`ve taken you out to the fancy restaurant tongiht. I`ve fed & watered you & we`ve had a reet grand neet.....are we gonna get down tert nitty gritty or av i just wasted twenty-five quid on you fer nowt?"
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007

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bin dipper.......a derogatory term for a scouser. A Liverpudlian. A resident of Liverpool.
Liverludlian scally...."Aye mister, it`s a quid to look after your car, whilst you go to the match like"

Me...."Touch my car you dirty low-life bin dipper & i`ll fucking kill you, comprende?"
by Dr Fox May 23, 2007

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jib....to avoid or get out of doing something.
To jib something is to duck out of doing it.
To be a jibber is to let somebody (maybe a friend) down.
To let down all your friends at the last moment is to be a jibbin git.
"He not coming to the football, he`s jibbed out"

"I bet you ten quid he`ll jib the footy"

"He never comes to the footy anymore, he`s a right jibber these days"

"He`s rung & said he`s not coming, the jibbin git!"
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007

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tatty-bye.....a way of saying fairwell, goodbye, cheerio, adios, bon voyage, si-thi.
"I`ve got to go now love, the lads are waiting. yes of course i love you...tatty-bye now"...click.
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007

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A friendly Blackburn term used for a mate or pal.
"Arty o`reyt fettler?".....(meaning "Hello, are you alright my friend?")

"Owst tha doin fettler?"....("How are you my friend?")

"Ah`ll si-thi in a bit fettler"....("I will see you soon my friend")
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007

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Cardy...a cardigan.

Essential northern clobber
"It`s a bit nippy outside, our Terry. You`d better pop yer cardy on if yer goin` out"
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007

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a 'dingle' is a derrogatory term for a person from Burnley.
The term was first used in the year 2000 at the 'roses' derby game at turd morgueby jubilant Blackburn Rovers fans. This game was won 2-0 by the promotion winning Blackburn team of the season 2000/2001. A great victory that ensured a 21 year* dominance continued over their significantly smaller yorkshire rivals. The term dingle has since been adopted by many other groups of fans when talking about burnley fc

(*NB....at time of writing, the dominance has increased to an almost laughable 28years)
by Dr Fox May 07, 2007

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