A reference to a dying Minecraft server in order to remember old nostalgic memories. The love refers to the good old days while the lust refers to the server being dead in a way to disrespect it and get some action done.
Hey man, this server's so love and lust.
Yeah bro, I miss the old days, but damn, it's gone dead now
Yeah I really wish they would revive it
by Niqholas March 25, 2019
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My friend Jeff Hines, is a douche bag that doesn't know that love lust is something.
by Izheet Mahdraws December 29, 2005
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when there is a girl who does not believe in her own heart or his, she likes a guy but does not think he likes her back, when really he spends all his time trying to make her realize his care for her, whether sexualy, interlectually, or just a simple caring love!
she gets easily angry with him, because she always thinks he's lying to her, when he attempts to express his feelings!
it is a stubborn love that may never see the truth :(
wow, did you see those two? is that love, lust, other......?
by chicken34 July 4, 2012
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Love: You feel good to have your partner in life. You don't have sex with your partner too much, just maybe every now and then. You take care of them no matter what, even if it means risking your life.

Lust: You like their hot body more than their personality. You have sex almost all the time with your partner. You think that erotica is more important than other stuff. When your partner is upset, you just distract them with sex and don't talk about your partner's feelings.
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by URB4N D1C710N4RY April 12, 2021
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