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1. the act of fucking a vibrator or dildo
2. a pleasure of orgasmic perportions
Is that girl dildoing her hairy pussy?
by Phew May 05, 2004
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1) The act of using a dildo on someone.....or something.
2) Word added to dictionary to settle the age old question, "Is using a dildo on someone different than fucking someone." and the answer is of course yes, it is different
"The girl had to resort to dildoing because she did not have a penis to fuck somebody with."
by Kevin_Circa1987 October 06, 2005
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It started out with a bunch of friends driving all around town yelling Dildo at people. After a while we moved on to other, more harsh obseneties, such as racial slurs and a wide variety of curse words.

verb. Yelling obsene words at people out of a window of a moving car.
(Yelling out a window of a car) HEY FUCK FACE I WANNA STICK MY DICK IN YOUR TIGHT ASS!

(Yelling out a window of a car) EXCUSE ME NIGGER, WANNA BE MY SLAVE!?

Carl- Who wants to go Dildoing today?
by BluntTrauma December 01, 2009
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