when your vagina or lip gets pulled so hard it streches and is then called a gummyworm.
jade has a ugly ass gummyworm because of a bike accident when she was 5. nobody wants to bang her because of it and shes french
by weasel January 14, 2005
When a guy had been drinking and cannot get it up, but tries, thinking "if I can just get it in it will get hard" his penis creating the feeling of a gummy worm on the womans vagina and/or leg.
"Ricky was so drunk last night that he just kept gummy worming me and we never went all the way "
by Rallytime May 15, 2013
When two men stand naked in front of each other, and slap each others genitals against each other. First man to get a hard-on loses.
Dude 1: Dude, you wanna go listen to showtunes?

Dude 2: That's gayer than playing gummy worms.
by Mike Prego April 28, 2008
When an individual with no teeth gives a blowjob while fingering the recipients butt hole
Rodger's grandma totally gave all of us a gummy worm at his birthday party last night!
by nutfister December 4, 2014