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when one of the female gender fingers themself to the point or orgasm
by poop December 13, 2003
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Stimulation to the clit, mostly in female masterbation, but can also apply when someone else is joined in the stimulation.
friend #1: "What are you doing tonight?"
friend #2: "I don't know, probably stay here and diddle my skittle- wanna help?"
by Malaine Boheme February 12, 2006
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Maria wouldn't be so uptight if she would just diddle herself every once in awhile.
by blocky October 18, 2012
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1. To touch or caress the genitals in some way.

2. Female masturbation.

3. To cheat or swindle.

4. To ram a bottle up your own, or someone else's arse.
1. I diddled my cat yesterday.

2. I caught her diddling in the broom cupboard!

3. He diddled me out of that job.


As you can see, confsuing the various meanings of the word will result in a big mess...
by Jimmay July 30, 2004
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-to touch oneself in a sexual manner.

-to masturbate.
''She diddles herself. Alottt.''

''He wanted sexual satisfaction, but his girlfriend couldn't come he diddled himself instead.''
by seahorse_salad December 01, 2009
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The rebounding of a drumstick so that two notes are played in succession, usually at the same dynamic, to generate a faster way of playing strokes.
You can't play a drum roll without knowing how to diddle.
by r0x0rw00t June 20, 2005
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