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Having too many available boys in the immediate or extended area distracting one from getting things done.
"I would be writing my paper in my boyfriend's dorm room, but he's such a dickstraction!"

"Jane didn't stay true to her boyfriend Johnny back home during her first semester in college because there were far too many dickstractions around campus... sorry Johnny."
by Maggie Mead December 11, 2005
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Abbreviation for “Dude Arguing Online”.

Plural: “DAOs”

Coined by Twitter user @karakittel.
Would the internet exist without DAOs? Sadly, I don’t think so.
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by monkeylabor June 13, 2021
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When dick becomes distracting to the point you can’t complete your daily tasks.
Adam - *sends snap*

Tabitha - *opens snap* see’s 🍆 video, immediately closes excel spreadsheet

Tabitha, “well that was very DICKStracting I won’t even be able to finish my reporting with all these DICKStractions! Lmao”
by Wolfany January 19, 2021
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When one likes a man so much they can't give "it" up too soon. In order to maintain the "pure" image and still meet their sexual needs, they indulge in meaningless sex on the side till a relationship with the desired one is established.
I hope you didn't sleep with him yet!?" "OMG I want to do him so grossly but I can't cause I like him too much! Thank God for my dickstractions or I would've commited virginal suicide by now!
by VanessaMelissa October 05, 2010
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Some guy you fuck to get over someone else - a rebound specifically designed for sexual purposes.
"So I fucked Dexter last night."
"But you just broke up with John yesterday."
"Yea, I needed a DickStraction really badly. It worked!"
by The Original Sabs August 03, 2007
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When you need your boy(s) to come rescue you from an uncomfortable situation
Ay man, I have both of the girls here that im messing with, I need a dickstraction.
by Malikabdul September 25, 2020
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When a girl (or whoever) is so caught up in their man, their boyfriend, their husband, etc that they can't pay attention to anyone or anything else.
Katie's dickstraction is getting on my nerves! She can't even call her girl back cuz she's too busy chasing after Kevin.
by girlybutch August 04, 2008
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