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adj. Being distracted from any regular routine by a man's dick, either by accident or he might just be showing off.
1. As my hubby descended the stairs with a grande boner which he proudly stuck in my face as I ascended, I was incredibly dickstracted and almost fell down the stairs.

2. My first dickstraction was at a nude beach. I was 12, saw a boner and almost fell in a hole.
by pfc. Snowball December 26, 2008
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The female equivalent of titstracted. When you unintentionally walk into a wall, trip over a toddler, or drop your Starbucks latte when you see a hot guy's cock-outline in the front of his jeans.
The latest Tom Hiddleston paparazzi photo -- where you can clearly see his cock-outline -- got me so dickstracted that I drooled onto my phone screen.
by Dharma Midget September 21, 2016
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(adj) to become distracted by an attractive man, especially one that commonly gives you sexual favours
I tried to stay angry at him, but he had me totally dick-stracted.
by Marc K July 12, 2005
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when a man (or woman) is distracted by hot guy- typically at a bar or club setting
"I'm sorry what were you saying, I was totally dickstracted by that hot guy in the cowboy hat, he could ride me anytime!"
by baLtiMORe tURkeY March 27, 2010
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When your friend can't get their mind off the dick. Like all they think of is getting dick.
Brittany: Sorry I flaked on you yesterday, I got dickstracted.
by BayAreaPrincess925 June 04, 2016
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To lose focus due to the presence of or while viewing images of a hot man.
At dinner, my friends yelled at me for being dickstracted by the hot waiter wearing tight pants.
by Carlbud July 26, 2013
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