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1. One who is very proficient at sex and frequently engages in sexual activity.

2. One who seeks to do the same.

3. Inherited ability or family trait for 1 and 2 above.
1. That's the third babe I've seen him with this week and chicks are constantly calling him,too. He must be a real dickster.

2. That dickster can't get any work done around here the way he's do'n everthing that moves.

3. He comes from a long line of dicksters.
by Linnie Bone August 24, 2006
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That one awesome guy that can obviously bring a knife to a gun fight, and win.

The biggest fucking douche in the world.

A combination of a hipster and a dick. He always be thuggin' hard.
Guy 1: "Dude John just hooked up with my ex that I broke up with just a few days ago! He's such a dick."

Guy 2: "What a dickster."
by Golden Dragon November 20, 2011
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