A slang term used to replace such words as very good, Dave, cool, and pimpin'.
Dave is very skilled.

Using the waves of sound the skilled master paralyzes his opponents, leaving him vulnerable to attack.

This song is skilled.
by TheWhiteBlade January 20, 2005
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to do something well. can replace the actual verb if obvious
You did maria? I skilled that!
by Ganghis Khan July 6, 2006
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Foolish, simple or stupid.

Similar to the use of the word “special” to have a negative connotation, “skilled” can be used to describe someone stupid or daft in an ironic way. It can also be used as an adverb to someone’s silly actions.

Derived from UK school categories from 1960s-1980s where “skilled” classes and lessons were assigned to those that were academically challenged.
Eg 1.

-Someone misses an easy shot at pool.

-Response: “That was skilled

Eg 2.

“You look skilled in those trousers”.
by MadMark81 April 27, 2020
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1. Abilities.

Often, "skillz" or "5k1LLz."

Used to announce profiency in something; for example, 13375P34K. "leetspeak"
"ph34r |\/|41 1337 5K1LLz!"

Translation: "Marvel at my wonderful abilities."
by Lady Chevalier August 2, 2003
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When you win, own, or beast something that requires skill.
Me: Yo, that fucking social studies test was so hard. But i skilled it!

Roxie: Oh shit.. I failed that.. Fuck it.
by skilleddassbitch October 1, 2011
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A word used by schoolkids from the 1970's to show their extreme joy at doing something impressive.

Normally used by holding both thumbs up (a la The Fonz in Happy Days) and saying "Skill!" with a big cheesey grin.
"That wheelie I just popped on my Raleigh Chopper was skill!"

"I've just cleared the 128th screen on Pacman! Skill!"
by Mr.T, I pity da fool! October 13, 2004
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Talent or ability. Something employers do NOT want in a candidate. They want youth and perhaps an attractive appearance.
I spent 25 years developing my job skills, and can't find a job. The bosses only want inexperienced doofuses right out of college.
by Tuna Wanda May 26, 2005
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