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A straight male's ability to forget the accidental witnessing of his friend's junk, leaving a "scene missing" effect in the chronological progression of his memory.
Jeniffer - I can't believe he just opened the bathroom door on you doing the helicopter dick. Did he see anything?

Paul - Well, in those situations what a man's eyes see and his mind remembers are two different things- it's tramatic dicknesia.
by dicknesia June 09, 2014
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when your mind becomes blank causing you not to react to the stupid antics of your man because his penis is so big and perfect.
Tommy NEVER picks up his clothes off the floor, but luckily his woman has dicknesia and she doesn't rag on him.
by Lady Cupcake September 11, 2009
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A medically recognized condition brought on upon by a lack of sexual relations with men. After an extended period of celibacy, for example, one can forget what a penis looks, feels or tastes like. When that happens, one is said to have dicknesia. Known cures can include, but are not limited to, giving blow jobs, giving hand jobs, and sex. Unfortunately, dildos, vibrators and porn cannot fully cure dicknesia, but these remedies have been known to reduce symptoms.
"Damn, it's been so long since I got laid. I think I'm coming down with dicknesia."
by Wordsmyth74 January 21, 2010
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When your significant other is constipated and not up for anal, you will drizzle Milk of Magnesia all over your dick and the significant other will then suck it all off in hopes of relief.
My wife was constipated and I wanted that booty. She told me, not untill I get that Dicknesia and make room!
by This dick needsya May 12, 2018
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When a dicking is so good you get temporary amnesia
"I don't know if it was the special K or my meat pipe but she has a severe case of dicknesia she didnt know were she was"
by BIGD2017 August 14, 2017
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Dick so good you forget everything that happened before you had it
When I get to Chicago I hope somebody give me dicknesia cuz I don't want to remember any of this shit
by Trekgirl1701 July 01, 2018
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When a person has been a right asshole but seems to have no recollection of it
Soz Mal, I can't remember I mean I have Dicknesia
by Allegedly... November 05, 2019
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