It's a nickname for a special Girl.
the most awesome person ever. shes so much fun to hangout with and i love her<3. shes like one of the prettiest people i know even though she wont admit it. we can crack up at the stupidest things for like an hour. she is really easy to talk to but she has a loud mouth
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Mal Is a name for a beautiful person, personality and body-wise. A Mal is the type of girl with an amazing sense of humor, and she loves meeting new people. If you ever get to know a Mal, respect and cherish them. They're quick to make decisions and will not hesitate to leave you if she needs to. A Mal can come off as rude, but really they're a wonderful and charming person. They flirt with everyone, so don't be upset if she flirts with someone other than you. Mal's are extremely attractive and great conversationalists. They always try to pick up their friends' hobbies, and conquer their fears with ease. If they get a bit mad at you, just give them time to cool off. They're pretty stubborn but also pretty adorable.
"Did you meet the new girl?"

"Yeah, I heard her name's Mal."
by GERM MANY HAHAHAH December 16, 2017
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(noun) Short for Mallory.
Australian adolescent female, also known as 'a funny fucking legend/champion'.
"Hey Mal, that joke was awesome! Come entertain us with your crazy antics!"
by I am all that is God. April 2, 2005
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(1) A man whore
(2) Someone who plays with women
'Your such a mal'
by Hamsalom February 4, 2009
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someone good-looking, charming, and possess an attractive aura to attract girls
He's not hot, he's mal
by rockstardreamer December 28, 2016
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abbreviation of the word mallet.

Mal is used for people with large heads

Term of endearment for those folk with heads of mallet-sized proportions
"Here mal, make us a cuppa tea"
by theBowsie March 26, 2010
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A guy named Mal is obviously hiding his real name Jamal, or it could be the code name of a person named something so outa this world, so far out that we’ll just say his name would have to come from the “Future”. A guy named Mal is always gonna be besties with as least 4 women. That’s not including his lady or his side piece. A Mal man is a totally funny guy who has a knack for always seeing the comedy even in the worst of tragedies. Nothing can remove the smile from his face except when another baby mama try an blow up his place. There is no one more lyrically gifted than a Mal. Girls wana be with him and men want to be him. A mal is as beautiful as the hummingbirds in mid flight frozen in time with musical notes that will explode in your mind as you try and find a guy named Mal in the Future.
Her: did you see Mal last night?
Me: no but I seen Future and Money,

Her: duh
by Buena 4 Maria September 14, 2023
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