Adj. - Derived from the word "chronic" - Often used in describing nights of excessive drinking.
1) Of a nature that is chronic
2) Awesome, super, neat-o, or sweet
3) describes a night where you drink so much you black out.
1) Yo Jeff, that work out was chronological
2) I cant wait for the Clemson-USC game, thats going to be chronological.
3) We're going to this mexican bar called Los Bravos tonight, and its going to be chronological.
by MTP307 November 10, 2006
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Schedule of events
The deaths were matached up in chronology. :D
by Joebeatskj October 13, 2010
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A man who will haunt your dreams at night. He often spends his days thinking about Chiam Blaster, and showing up in places you’d least expect.
Man- “I dreamt about Chronological Liam last night.”
Other man- “Was he talking about Chiam Blaster?”
Original man- “No, he was showing up in places you’d least expect.”
by Banke February 22, 2020
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The science of predicting the future, or the actual travel forwards through time to witness it.
I traveled through time to 2050 and was an elected judge presiding over the trial of the descendants of Luke Skywalker who were being held to account for the destruction of the death star. Postmodern Chronology allowed me to witness a hung jury. When the verdict was read and the defendants set free, a group of angry political activists literally hung all twelve members of the jury.
by Spiritual-Master January 5, 2022
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My personal time machine records current events more accurately than any other source on earth. When tested for accuracy my clock will always be right on time. presently the time is now and now is the time. Imagine you read this and ten seconds elapsed. It is not ten seconds after now, it is still now and your imagination has fooled you. Don't be the fool who questions the accuracy of my time machine.
Currently, my records of this event are accurate because I use my infallible personal time machine called Modern chronology to record it.
by Spiritual-Master January 12, 2022
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From the number of years she'd been on the planet the advantages over her younger colleagues was obvious. Age is an enhancement.
She was chronologically enhanced, not the fastest player on the field but the smartest and most wiley.
by jmacofearth September 9, 2023
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When someone is obsessed with a famous person / actor /actress and stalks them through out the internet by watching all their works from start to end and knowing even the most minute details they themselves were not aware of . watching every movie or tv they starred in even if they came just for few frames in the movie.
Oh god she and her unholy obsession with that actor. if for anyone to know where she has been for the past 2 weeks. well she has been Chronologically Stalking that dude, and bloody hell won't stop talking about him.
by str__fckr November 30, 2019
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