Adj. - Derived from the word "chronic" - Often used in describing nights of excessive drinking.
1) Of a nature that is chronic
2) Awesome, super, neat-o, or sweet
3) describes a night where you drink so much you black out.
1) Yo Jeff, that work out was chronological
2) I cant wait for the Clemson-USC game, thats going to be chronological.
3) We're going to this mexican bar called Los Bravos tonight, and its going to be chronological.
by MTP307 November 10, 2006
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A man who will haunt your dreams at night. He often spends his days thinking about Chiam Blaster, and showing up in places you’d least expect.
Man- “I dreamt about Chronological Liam last night.”
Other man- “Was he talking about Chiam Blaster?”
Original man- “No, he was showing up in places you’d least expect.”
by Banke February 22, 2020
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When someone is obsessed with a famous person / actor /actress and stalks them through out the internet by watching all their works from start to end and knowing even the most minute details they themselves were not aware of . watching every movie or tv they starred in even if they came just for few frames in the movie.
Oh god she and her unholy obsession with that actor. if for anyone to know where she has been for the past 2 weeks. well she has been Chronologically Stalking that dude, and bloody hell won't stop talking about him.
by str__fckr November 30, 2019
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A younger person having respect for an older person that might know more than they do simply by the realization that the older person has been on the planet longer than they have. ... Keep up with me kiddies... Respect for your elders. 'nuff said.
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chronologically challenged
to be unable to calculate time.

To be unable to say how long ago something was.
When did you see bob?
I think t was like 2-3 weeks ago.
bob aid it was yesterday.
oh, he is probably right, sorry I am chronologically challenged.
when did you go to my house?
I was there about a month ago.
My CCTV footage says you were there last week.

oh well did you know that i am chronologically challenged?

I don't know if it was yesterday or a year ago
time is beyond my logical ability
by MASTERWOOD August 04, 2019
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"chronological snobbery," the uncritical assumption that her mother is hotter, whether or not this fact has been discredited. You must find why it has been discredited. Was it ever refuted (and if so by whom, where, and how conclusively) or did this opinion merely die away as fashions do? If the latter, this tells us nothing about its truth or falsehood of her hotness relative to her mom.
Bro 1:"Dude, her mom is a cougar, so much hotter. MILF."
Bro 2: "You need to get over your chronological snobbery."
by catholic chuckster July 06, 2010
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