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A person with a large amount of facial hair at a reasonably young age. Usually dates ditzy blondes who are hypnotized by his facial hair. This person often smokes marijuana with his homies. He carries brass knuckles with him in random situations. He plays football but you know he'll get drunk one night and fuck his knee up. Likes bikes and running people over with them. He has his posse of stoner buddies that help in terrorizing kids one year younger than them. This type of person is a major tool. This person acts a bit black at times but is probably a suburban white kid with an unfortunate name. This is the worst type of person.
Yo man how'd u get in the hospital?
Long story short, man I got Dickeled.

Lets go to the lake.
Nah man there could be a dickel there.
by Dickelnator August 11, 2011
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An accidental combination of the word “dill” and the word “pickle”.

To be dubbed a dickel one must have said something, done something, or appeared to be inconceivably dumb or nonsensical.
One can, especially, be dubbed a dicke if one has said something, done something, or appeared to be inconceivably dumb or nonsensical and thereby announced it publicly. The individual should and shall be told numerous times that they are a dickel, with no rebuttal from the dubbed dickel.
If via Facebook/Twitter/Myspace someone were to say: “My life is an endless dark circle, I am so depressed. Due to my depression I drove around for 3 hours today and wasted a half a tank of gas.”

The viewer would then respond: “dickel.”
by CrapCourtney November 30, 2009
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A dime and a nickel together. (1.5)
Text the plug"I got $15 for a dickel
via giphy
by Water bottle handle August 12, 2017
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