to fuck a girl that is all on your cock ..but little does she know you just want to dick her down ....
hey james......did you dick her down yet?
naaa man im tooo scared ...
by sewer m April 8, 2005
Dick her down and dash means when you fuck a girl and you dash out of there like it never happened.
Did you guys fuck? Yeah but it was a dick her down and dash kinda thing ...
by Will berry March 23, 2017
The Black guy, that every other White guy hates. He runs slower, jumps lower, and stops at The Gap to still the White mans girl, He Dicks Her Down!!
Friend 1: Man did y'all see that white girl in The Gap, she was fine!

Friend 2: Yeah she was alright, she had a Phat Ass tho, aye Tyrone what you think?

Tyrone: Man i can't resist, Ima have to Dick Her Down
by Mr. Tsunami July 23, 2015