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national give ur girl a hoodie month. this is because it’s really fucking cold in december and ur girl really wants a fucking hoodie. so just give it to her.
it’s december, give me ur fUcking hoodie!!!
by fuepueta October 22, 2019
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Destroy Dick December
The month after No Nut November where the boys go absolutely insane!
Friend 1: “Hey guess what! It’s almost December!”

Friend 2: “Yeah Christmas is coming, I’m aware.”
Friend 1: “No no you got it all wrong! Destroy Dick December is coming! It’s like the opposite of No Nut November!”
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by NincompoopNavarre October 23, 2019
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Dramaless December is the month that all ladies have to set aside the beef and let it burn. It's the month where no drama is to be started and no drama is to come back from the past. Let's see if you can make it.
*November 31*
Girl 1: talking about me behind my back that's pretty low
Girl 2: says someone who is low
*December 1*
Girl 2 * death stares girl 1*
Girl 2: you want to go

Girl 1: sorry it's dramaless December see you in January
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by tiktokerbish November 04, 2019
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December is the month where you can hug anyone you want at any time
Person 1: hey why are you hugging me?
Person 2: it’s december I can hug anyone whenever I want
by Iz2019 November 02, 2019
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It' s another slap ass month. Get that guy/girl that is cold hot by slapping on his/her ass
December is being defined. Look that guy/girl is cold. Now, I will spank his/her ass so that they will be warm.
by Yolo:-) October 27, 2019
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