The place of a girls vagina in between her legs that is usually visible when they wear tight pants.
by Rlvers March 23, 2011
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The space between the tube train or London Underground train and the platform.
"Mind The Gap." as heard at any Tube Platform.
by dj nasique October 26, 2006
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This distance between a girls legs directly below her pubis symphsis.

(There is a slight distance decrease as the inner thigh usually bulges in, about 1-1.5" down from the perineal. This is natural in even the most perfect 18 year old specimens)


Tell your woman to get in her bikini. Instruct her to stand in an upright and standing position, as if she was waiting in line at the grocery store with food that she will cook for you later tonight.
With her facing directly in front of you, make sure that her ankles are touching each other.
From her ankles to her crouch, the inside of her legs should never touch. Ever. This is the GAP TEST. If her legs do touch, you will need to consider taking drastic measures to remedy the situation.
Calling her fat will not help, add -ass to the end of it, that usually increases response time.

Also see The Bridge and The Valley to learn other important female attributes.
"Dude, did you see the gap on that chick?!!"

"Yes dude, she must be an import"
by Fireball 53 July 28, 2009
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The Gap is the part between a womans arse. You can see their Gap with the help of tight jeans.
Damn, have a look at her. Tight Jeans, tight arse and The GAP.
Guys love filling a Gap and some box eaters with their plastic toys, you don't have to be a carpenter to fill it either.
by Ls May 23, 2003
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A leafy suburb of Brisbane that happens to be on a freaking volcano. Inhabitants include but are not limited to emos, gap sluts, Stupid Pathetic Children and skater fags. The Enoggera River, or 'the creek', runs through The Gap, and easily floods over, mocking the poor souls who have property close to it in the frequent storms.
GSH Kid One: Oi mate, i herd that doobsy got head from some slut in the creek, and then it storm'd.
GSH Kid Two: Who was she? i reckon i know the bitch.

Overhearing Marist or MSM kid's thoughts "god they're dropicks, i wish i didn't live in The Gap"
by ΣЯ05 November 23, 2009
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The disgusting valley of space between the legs of girls who are way too fucking skinny. These "gaps" are possessed by girls who look like 13-year old boys, and not real women. They are also generally flat-chested and all-around unattractive.
When I was walking up the stairs to English, I got stuck behind the girl with the gap, and it was right in my face! So gross.
by morbidsweet March 26, 2010
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To lose really badly in a race, usually as it applies in motorcycle and car racing. Someone who has been gapped has lost a race so badly that he or she should strongly consider finding a new hobby.

Beating someone by half a car length is not a "gap." You must beat someone by an absolutely humiliating distance, like two or more bus lengths.
Joe thought he could take on Greg's corvette, but he got gapped and everyone saw.
by 187um October 18, 2016
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