The fat that surrounds the Penis, which in larger men, makes their Penis appear smaller than it really is.
"The length of my Penis is an optical illusion due to the dick fat surronding my penis."
by BeanSauce March 10, 2005
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The act of fucking someone over; The act of pulling a 'fast one'.
That girl said she'd meet me at Thirsty Bear, but she gave me the fat dick and didn't show up.
by E ~ Dub November 6, 2008
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Just a fat dick is there more to explain
He had a fat dick
by Daddybiscuit42 August 30, 2017
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To screw someone over by not showing up or calling when plans have been made.
Well, Jasper is 30 minutes late. Looks like he fat dicked us once again...
by Asa Guy August 12, 2007
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Ironically, this refers to the launch equipment used in Goatsex.
I used a fat dick to have Goatsex with Seabiscut.
by Joey Orgler October 21, 2007
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