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A peice excrement so large that after the flush the tail is still visible in the shitter.
Dude, after all the booze and early morning waffles i dropped a sewer whale. The plumber should be here any minute. Call the EPA...
by Asa Guy May 02, 2007

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The nickname given to your local sushi guy...
Damn! I asked for a spicy tuna roll and paper hat joe almost killed me with his icey stare!
by Asa Guy May 14, 2007

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A game played between friends when out in public. The object of the game is to find the most hideous, fat, unattractive person you can and then tell your buddy "Found you one!". Your friend must then locate the individual which immediately results in your friend having naked visions about the said freak. You must also make sure that the freak doesn't become aware that you are making light of them because charging elephants and buffalo can really run fast! Fun for boys and girls!
Walking through the gates at the track, Asa spotted a rather robust woman wearing a shirt that made her look like a can of busted biscuits. Tapping Josh on the shoulder he said "Found you one motherfucker!"
by Asa Guy May 13, 2007

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An alcoholic beverage consisting of iced tea and some sort of citrus vodka, be it lemon or orange. Damn tasty and you get gassed fast. Great for taking to the beach...
Pour me an ice pick miss bartender and i'll bend you over later...
by Asa Guy May 30, 2007

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To screw someone over by not showing up or calling when plans have been made.
Well, Jasper is 30 minutes late. Looks like he fat dicked us once again...
by Asa Guy August 12, 2007

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Used to describe a dead person or some other thing which used to be living. Taken from the common tombstone inscription Rest In Peace...
"Tyrone took a cap to the dome, now he's "ripin' it"..."

by Asa Guy November 15, 2006

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Line from a Beck song called "Where It's At". Two turntables and a microphone are supposed to represent a dick; the shaft and two balls...
Where it's at!?!? I got two turntables and microphone!
by Asa Guy May 30, 2007

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