seeing things differently than they actually are
I saw an optical illusion when I was drugged up from my root canal.
by gie February 05, 2005
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Something to look up when you're reaalllly reallllly fucked up.
Seriously. Try it. It looks so fucking awesome.
Dude #1: Dude. This thing looks like it's spinning
Dude #2: Dude. It fucking is
Me : No, it's just some circles... what a gay optical illusion
Me : Wait, pass the joint
by ARESx June 25, 2007
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a girl who is very good looking to the guy who is currently dating her - but quite ugly when seen by other guys. The guy dating this girl can see one way of the "optical illusion", but other guys see the opposite.

popularized by the collegehumor video of the same name.
A Conversation:

Jim: Dude, your girlfriend is so ugly!

Dave: What do you mean?

Jim: I mean she's not attractive at all.

Dave: F*%^ that man, I think she's gorgeous.

Jim: Whatever, she's an optical illusion.


Dave: I see what you mean, Jim. I can see the other side of it now. She was definitely an optical illusion girlfriend.

Jim: For real.
by epausti February 01, 2011
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Women which use makeup to masquerade her ugliness and fool poor dumb man.
Guy 1#: "Hey look at that girl, isn't she just beautiful?

Guy 2#: "Naa, thats just a human optical illusions."
by MrBlonde89 July 11, 2010
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It makes ur eyes trippy
Bro I have my eyes trippy
Did u see optical illusion
by mewskicekĚČ October 31, 2020
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When u see it, it makes ur eyes trippy
My eyes are trippy bro
Bro have u seen an optical illusion
by mewskicekĚČ October 31, 2020
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Getting a handy from a midget while wearing horse-blinders so that all you can see is a pair of tiny hands on your junk making your junk look huge.
I've waited my whole life to get the optical illusion, and it made me feel great!
by Dump truck January 02, 2017
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