Something that is favorable and the shit. Also when referring to a person or thing that is cool as fuck.
"Did you see Liz do that? Shes so fucking dice."

"I love those things, they are so dice"
by LT DICE December 10, 2016
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Something that is cool, interesting, or amazing. Usually describing something done with a level of style or flair.

Started in the Digital media industry in late 2015.
Just saw Guardians if the Galaxy, that shit was fucking dice.
by CutJockey May 17, 2017
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Hey, let's grab some McChicken at the Dice.
by Bipboppopop February 24, 2019
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a term for someone who thinks they are better/more skilled/cooler than they are
Joe: Nick thinks he's so great at basketball.

Tom: He always think he's dice.
by krh21 May 11, 2017
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