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to illegally drag race or racing on a road or in an illegal area to pass through
drag racing through quiet industrial area's

racing in roads and drifting round turns
drifting past cars in corners

dicing in general
by average south african bloke November 02, 2013
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To get with a girl/to try and get with a girl.
Bro, I'm gonna dice her.

I'm dicing that bitch next.

Who's your next dice?
by aNAIjao September 11, 2010
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when u have had feelings for someone and you have for a long time and they do not reciprocate. You like them, forget them, then you dice.
Random-"hey dude i heard you were dicing!"
You-"yea, it sucks!"
by Toohotharry March 07, 2015
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