A long solid shit the size of a small sword

So big it needs its own word
You should see that Katana I left in the WC
by Big Poppa Mills December 3, 2020
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The Katana is a single edged curved steel weapon, used by warriors of fuedal japan. It is made by forging and folding steel to rid it of impurities, then coating the cutting edge in clay, heating it up and quenching it to harden the cutting edge, revealing is called a temperline (Hamon). The Katana was a decorative peice of art as well as a weapon, consisting of a Tsuba (hanguard) Tuki Ito (handle wrap, usually coloured) and other intricate artistic fittings. The Katana is not superior-but amazingly strong and sharp for a small thin weapon. Under controlled test conditions, a Nihonto (japanese made katana) was able to shatter a .45ACP round without sustaining damage, and widthstood 7 direct hits from a M2 HMG (heavy machine gun)with its .50BMG armour piercing round before shattering.
The katana came into use in the 1400's, before hand the Tachi was used, a longer sword used on horseback and worn in a different manner. Before that were the straight blades, Chokuto, from China. The katana is usually worn with the cutting edge (Ha) facing upwards, thrust through an Obi (belt). On rare occasions, The Katana was worn blade down (sometimes when armour was worn). It was usually the primary weapon of a warrior or Samurai, though in wars Yari (spear) were prefered due to the damage they inflicted on Armour, along with Maai (distancing).
His katana moved swiftly to shatter the opponents defenses.
by Ninpo-Bugei July 28, 2006
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Loving, smart, caring, considerate, she'll ride for you until her last breath, she will listen and help in a time of need. She's a real one so u better keep her.
Katana is a real one
by Kataec March 21, 2018
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Katana is a beautiful Japanese word for a sword. However, it is also used as a name. Katana is a beautiful girl with a big heart. She is absolutely stunning, kind, trustworthy, warm-hearted and smart! Katana acts tough on the outside as a defense mechanism used to hide her true feelings. She is also really easy to get close to very quickly. One of her best friends is named Alyssa. Katana is a really good friend and one of the best friends you’ll ever have. If you meet a girl named katana, get to know her! You won’t regret it.
Oh my, Katana is beautiful!

Katana is my best friend!
by alyj_ November 26, 2018
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1. A Japanese sword
2. A high-performance range of motorbikes made by Suzuki in the 1980s
3. An entirely different and unspeakably ugly range of motorbikes sold to gullible yanks since 1988 as Katanas, but known to the Free World as "Teapots" due to their bulbous appearance
1. Taguchi-san scratched his nose with the tip of his Katana and farted loudly, incurring the wrath of the Emperor.
2. In 1982, the fastest production bike in the world was the Suzuki GSX1100SZ Katana.
3. Seppo: "Hey man, I got me a 98 Katana 600... it's awesome."
Non-seppo: "No, what you have is a Teapot. It is less exciting than Bing Crosby and uglier than Mo Mowlam."
by Antiseptic December 24, 2003
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"Look at that guy over there."
"That's not a guy!"
"Okay then, look at that girl over there."
"It's not a girl either."
"What is it?"
"That's a Katana."
by josephlaraisacompleteboss March 28, 2009
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When you are pushing rope but still can't enter, you fold your dick 1,000 times to give it strength before entering, preferably while screaming 'Banzai'.
"All I was doing was pushing rope with this hot chick, so I pulled out the old katana."
by chemi-luminescence June 9, 2017
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