cool, awesome, rad, hip, supercalifragolistic
"WOW! You stole a car! That's so dice!
by kekie December 07, 2003
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When on a message board putting a picture up of "dice" = DIE.
Loser456: How's everyone doing?
Coolkid: {insert picture of dice}
Loser456: Oh....
by Polly wanna cracker October 23, 2007
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Verb meaning to leave, exit or make way. Refers to the action of rolling dice and suggests that we should also roll out like dice. Very similar to "let's roll".
Hot girl: Oh its getting late now..
MakeaVish: Yeah i think imma dice
via giphy
by Makeavish April 27, 2017
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A game developing company that makes very pretty games, but actually play like donkey shit
I hope DICE keeps making games for casuals.
by Hondipo September 13, 2018
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