Someone who is extremely lean (below 9% body fat)
"Yo look at harry that kid is frickin diced"

"Have you been to the gym lately? looking diced"
by MoistGranny January 7, 2021
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sum1 who is muscular or built, or can be used as a verb.
"Holy fuck, is that guy ever diced up!"
"man im going to the gym and gettin diced!!"
by MaXx.PrIMmo February 17, 2009
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A Term used when you've Cut someone. This Could be a Figurative Cut (As in, you insulted someone), or a Real Cut.
"Man, First that guy Wipped out his Katana and cut you, then he called your mom Fat... You got Double Diced"
by Immortal-Jake May 4, 2006
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To dump one friend for another. Comes from rolling a dice away from you.
As in "I diced Kelly for Liz to go to the pub"
by Wombatmtb September 9, 2017
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1. A rejection or refusal.

2. An explanation that something did not occur.

In either instance, "no dice" is used to indicate that there is no chance or probability of the event happening. Dice represents the likelyhood of whatever item taking place (by the roll of the die), and not having dice means that there is not even a slim chance.
Boy: Will you go out with me?
Girl: No dice. (No chance in hell.)

"I was hoping that I would run into her at the park, but no dice." (She was not at the park, therefore there was never any possibility.)
by Chika January 7, 2007
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no luck, plans fell through, not going to happen
by Anonymous October 1, 2003
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you roll dice to hustle mother fuckers for their money.
rolled a seven nigga. now pay me.
by anonymous November 25, 2004
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