Anglo African community of the East Coast of South Africa.
See: Natalian
The East Coast of South Africa is called KwaZulu-Natal to show it is the home of the Zulu and the Natalians.
There are areas with names such as Natal Midlands and Royal Natal National Park.
by Ruks March 19, 2005
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If it were Christmas day in Italy, you would hear people yell, "Buon Natale!"
by Lulu Mallari June 25, 2009
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This person has a great personality but can also be annoyed easily. She has the capability to offend people and is a very fragile person. She is also strong in her own way. She tries to be a very nice person. She is very beautiful eventhough she don't know it. She is a bittersweet person to be around with but can also be a good person to get along with. Above all she has a special flaw that can't be put into words.
Natally is a friend of mine.
by Chris Loved May 13, 2015
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When someone is at least one hour late to hang out with friends, they are considered Natalate.
Dude, you are so natalate! We've been waiting to go to Universal for an hour!
by Lieutenantt Dan April 5, 2009
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A name for a breathtakingly beautiful girl, with blond hair and ocean blue eyes. She knows how to make everybody laugh and can make your day brighter when you see her.
See that girl over there? She's such a natale.
by Lucasdasniper March 23, 2015
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The act of crying yourself to sleep everynight for over a year.
"Whats wrong with him?"

"dude... He's been dealing with Natalization"

"oh shit... Poor bastard"
by Lawlapolloza May 8, 2010
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it is a beautiful city in the north east of Brazil
- dude, im going to Natal coz I have seen enough of Rio de Janeiro!
by pablo bvs September 11, 2006
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