a termed used by gang memebers when some gang has a hit out on em.
dude, six fools got blasted last week from that neighborhood...they got the green light.
by ROB $ December 12, 2004
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you yell it out in a fight and everyone start cracking skulls
"green light, fight or flight!"
by portugee February 9, 2008
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A message to those in the know to re-assert traditional values and reset leadership in a group who's path has gone astray.
Example 1: A clique has usurped and commodified a larger group or existing scene to serve the special needs of that clique, increasing compromizing the vitality for safety/comfort. Often this clique will begin using selective exclusion to rarify the ranks, and drive out the most vital seeds in their push to "clean things up"

A "green light" given by one of the elders would alert folks that have been oppressed to counter the current regime through positive actions and hopefully bring some of the traditional activity back to life.
by doktor random September 16, 2005
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To take the first hit/pull of from a db, gb, pipe, blunt, ect.
I ca'nt take this... this shits rape, who wants fucking green light? XD
by bakekk November 28, 2007
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(n.) to give the go ahead
also (v.) give a green light or give the green light
Ok, we got the green light.
You got a green light, make it quick.
by JediAndi September 2, 2005
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A term used when there is a price on your head by either bounty hunters, mercs, or thugs.
"What's wrong wit you, dog?? Don you know thay's a GREEN LIGHT on yo ass??"
by Joshiro007 March 18, 2003
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The usually-unconscious act of turning the object of one's romantic desires into a representation of some sort of ideal - a metaphorical "green light" shining across a bay. Often taken to the point where even if one were to successfully court that person, it would be unsatisfying as they would be humanly incapable of living up to the dreamlike figure they'd been built into.
A: Why won't Jay just talk to her if he likes her so much?

B: He's been totally green-lighting her. Even if he manages it, she's not the person he wants to think she is.
by Jordan Not-Baker February 19, 2013
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