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A game that has more addicting qualities than crack cocaine.
someone: Whats up man?
you: I'm on the patch.
someone: To quit smoking?
you: No. I play Diablo 2.
someone: Oh, so you're quitting?
you: Fuck no biatch, I'm on 1.09 patch, waiting for blizzard to get their shit in gear and release the much needed 1.10
by Tam Datson March 07, 2003
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The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
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Video game published by Blizzard. A point and click swords and sorcery themed past time. The goal is to slay monsters and amass experience points and utilize character specific skills. Veterans of the game tend to collect the more powerful of the randomly generated items to equip their characters. Usually, with the many hours spent collecting these rare artifacts, players duel each other and optimize their characters for specific methods to exploit the weaknesses of the various hero classes.
This game is addictive like Diablo 2.
by sravat June 01, 2003
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The means in which you will spend the next 5 years of your life in pathetic seclusion with nothing but your red bull and a lifetime of back problems that will develop from countless hours of sitting in an uncomfortable low-backed chair.

The means in which you will lose your dignity,your girlfriend that you don't have, your sanity, your perception of the real world, and your normal sleeping habits.
"So what did you do this weekend?"
"I could use my computer to distort a picture of your face to look like Baal."
"Or maybe Mephisto."
"Dude, something is wrong with you.....very wrong."
"Did you just hear that?"
"Hear what?"
"I think somewhere a gem just dropped.....It sounds like a perfect Topaz....yeah topaz...hehehh. Diablo 2.."
by youisafurryz October 04, 2006
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A combination of crack cocaine and herion that was chemically bonded and then distributed across the world on CDROMs in 1999.
Diablo 2 ruined my life
by Blizzard sucks October 18, 2006
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A game that my ex-boyfriend left me for. Honestly girls, if your boyfriend starts to play this game, throw his computer out the window and don't allow him to buy a new one. It's actually more addicting than heroin. It will ruin a person's life and make them lose their friends and sleep. Don't offer to rush him and don't let him buy you a copy of it so that you can play it with him.
My boyfriend doesn't want to have sex anymore, instead he plays D2 all day.
by sliverofpeace April 30, 2005
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